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what is this rumor? seokyu July 21, 2011

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what is this rumor?
Kyuhyun pick up seohyun at the airport
one of super junior fans accidentally recording the activity in the building sm entertaiment.
she accidentally saw Kyuhyun out of the building and brought his car to the airport.
aware of the paparazzi, Kyuhyun turned back and hurry into the building SM.
what happened?


9 Responses to “what is this rumor? seokyu”

  1. Dhini Says:

    Waw… Great news..

  2. Cindecruella Says:

    may i take a look at the source ? where is this rumor come from ?

  3. esyasyi Says:

    i hope that’s news are true *____*

  4. seoshidae Says:

    Are you serious?

  5. bhina Says:

    any pictures ??

  6. ennosaras Says:

    Is that really real? I hope so 🙂
    I really love kyu with seo!!

  7. ohhh my……. seokyu is real!!!<3

  8. hnincherrylwin Says:


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