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SEOKYU WIRES !! May 2, 2011

hello ! we are ….!!! WIRES !!!

wires imnida ^^ !!

we are fans of the couple or Seohyun seokyu and Kyuhyun couple.

all about seokyu (Seohyun and Kyuhyun) in here ^ ^. in this BLOG ^^
fanfic…… news … … and everything about seokyu ^ ^

Wires is the name for us. we give the name of Wires of a beautiful meaning.
Witty and Pure ^ ^
That’s a long name of Wires ^ ^
softness and sincerity, compassion, and love is our theme.
we assume all wires are the family that one ^ ^
always provide support to SEOKYU ^ ^ and Wires itself.
we will give spirit and support for SEOKYU and Wires ^ ^
despite many obstacles and hurdles for us, but we will continue to survive ^ ^.
we love you Kyuhyun Seohyun (SEOKYU) forever ^ ^


One Response to “SEOKYU WIRES !!”

  1. roan Says:

    — im so fan of SEOKYU ..

    ..SEOKYU forever ..:D

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